Premier's Temperature Controller also known as PID Controllers are tried and tested for several applications. Some of those are are food processing, storage, plastic extrusion, thermo forming machines, ovens, furnaces, ceramic kilns, boilers, heat exchangers, auto claves, incubators and laboratory test chambers.

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Temperature Controller

PID Controllers

Model : PE 24x2

Premier Electrosystem's Temperature Controller, based on the PID logic (Model PE 24x2), is a micro controller based intelligent unit used to control the temperature of the processes very efficiently.

Features : Universal sensor input.
Control Action Selectable: PID/ On-Off (Heat/ Cool).
Programming of all parameters by keys on the Front.
Two independent set points.

Ranges :Thermocouple J- Fe/K ( -50 to 750 °C )
Thermocouple K - Cr/AL ( - 50 to 1200 °C )
Thermocouple R- Pt 13 Rh/ Rh (0 to 1750 °C)
Thermocoule S- Pt 10 Rh/ Rh (0 to 1750 °C)
RTD- Pt 100 (-200.0 to 400.0 °C)
Display : 4 digit, 0.56" white LED for Process Value
4 digit, 0.39" green LED for Set Value
Resolution :1 °C for Thermocouple, 0.1 or 1 °C for RTD
Accuracy : 0.3% +/- 1 Count
Control Action: PID or ON/OFF ( selectable )
Control Output: A) One/ Two relay output 5A/230 V AC
B) One/ Two SSR OR

Optional Features : A) 4-20 mA retransmission
B) RS-485 for serial port communication through Modbus Protocol
C) PC based software to control the set points through computer
D) PC based software to record and analyze data
Supply : 90- 270 V AC/ DC, 50/ 60 Hz. (Other Power Supply available on request)
Dimensions :96(w) X 96(h) X 130(d) mm. Panel mounting
72(w) X 72(h) X 65(d) mm. Panel mounting

Check the video of Premier's PID temperature controller controlling the hot air temperature very accurately:

If you are unable to see the video, Click Here

Apart from PID temperature controller, we also manufacture On- Off (Time Proportional) temperature controller with single and double display.

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