The Earth Contact Resistance Tester is a basic safety test prescribed in many IS standards. The goal is to test samples for the proper connection of earthing wire with the appliance. Premier's ECR tester checks the contact resistance between accessible metal parts of the appliance and the Earth pin by passing a high current and measuring the resultant voltage drop.

Other applications of ECR test are to measure the resistance of electrical contacts of circuit breaker, isolators & bus bar. It measures the resistance and is used to verify that electrical connections are proper. It helps to detect loose connections, eroded contact surfaces, contaminated or corroded contacts. It is important for contacts that carry large amounts of current as higher resistance indicates higher losses and lower current carrying capacity.

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MODEL : PE 900

ECR Tester

Features: * Designed with relevant ISI drafted specification.
* Measures earthing contact resistance of Domestic/Industrial Electrical Appliances.


Test Current Range : 0 - 30.0 A, continuously variable by means of dimmer
Resolution : 0.1 A
Accuracy : 0.6% ± 1 count
Voltage Range : 0-6 V max monitored on Digital Voltmeter having
Range: 0- 9.99 V AC
Resolution: 0.01 V
Accuracy: 0.6% ± 1 count
Power : 230 V AC ± 10%, 50Hz.
Dimensions (cm) : 30 (W) * 18 (H) * 22 (D)
1. Direct display of earthing contact resistance.
2. Timer
3. Calibration certificate traceable to international standards.

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